Overseas Vietnamese make comments on developing high-tech agriculture in Ho Chi Minh City


On October 19th, the Ho Chi Minh City Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, in coordination with the City’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, organized the conference “Overseas Vietnamese make comments on developing high-tech agriculture in Ho Chi Minh City.” There were about 100 representatives from related departments, associations of Vietnamese businessmen in foreign countries and overseas Vietnamese experts and businessmen.


Mr. Phung Cong Dung, second from right, Chairman of the City’s Committee for Overseas Vietnamese talks with representatives on the sideline of the conference.


The conference received 10 valuable comments from overseas Vietnamese on the development of high-tech agriculture in the City. For example, Doctor Nguyen Tri Dung, from Japan, said that Japan was a potential market for Vietnam. If Vietnam has a good policy and attitude, the cooperation with Japan will help Vietnamese agriculture make great advances. Professor Doctor Dang Luong Mo, from Japan, stated that high-tech agriculture could not be operated like traditional agriculture. Not only do farmers need to learn but the State also needs to have suitable policies and trained knowledgeable officers to work with farmers. Doctor Nguyen Thanh My, from Canada, emphasized the need to develop agriculture 4.0. That means it is imperative to apply technological advances to production and distribution processes to improve the effectiveness and cut down expenses, which is also suitable with the tendency.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the program on agricultural economic restructuring in the direction towards urban agriculture has received due attention from the City Party Committee and People’s Committee. It is important to make investment in developing high-tech agriculture, biotechnology to support the program and the shift of the economic growth model of the city as described in the Resolution of the 10th City Party Committee for the 2015-2020 period. Therefore, comments and suggestions from overseas Vietnamese will help the City leaders get more knowledge of agriculture. Especially, overseas Vietnamese are important bridges in the technological transfer and popularization of Vietnamese agricultural products to the international markets.

In his closing remark, Mr. Phung Cong Dung, Chairman of the City Committee for Overseas Vietnamese acknowledged, and appreciated the comments and suggestions. He stated that they were valuable sources of reference to be reported to the City leaders for translation into practice.



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